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LipiFlow Treatment in Santa Barbara

Dry eyes can cause symptoms that may not be reversible.

Is it Dry Eye Syndrome or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (also known as MGD or Blepharitis)?

86% of people with dry eye symptoms are thought to be caused by MGD; which affects the lipid layer of the natural tears of your eye:

If MGD is left untreated, your Meibomian glands will likely start to atrophy and “drop out” (if they haven’t already), causing irreversible damage and worsening dry eye symptoms.

What is LipiFlow?

See below, LipiFlow is featured in the “The Doctors” TV show on CBS:

LipiFlow has been shown to be an excellent treatment for MGD (Meibomian gland Dysfunction), also known as blepharitis and evaporative dry eye disease.

Watch a short animation of how the lipiflow works:

Watch below for several LipiFlow Patient Testimonials




Dr. Bill Hines:

Not everyone is suitable for the LipiFlow treatment, click here to schedule your dry eye evaluation with Dr. Zucker.