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Amblyopia Treatment

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a “Lazy Eye” (Amblyopia), be prepared to have your visual world rocked. In an incredible way.

Love at First Sight Guarantee – We guarantee you will love your vision the moment you put on your new glasses with our unique amblyopia technology. What’s even better, you should not have to “get used to” your glasses.

National Eye Institute Explains Amblyopia:

You simply put on your new glasses, and instantly improve your vision. It’s that easy.

Does your child need “eye patching”? Our lenses could possibly replace patching, and have been proven in many case studies.

If you’re an adult with Amblyopia, we also guarantee results. 100% Unconditional guarantee.

The minute you start using our unique amblyopia treatment lenses, you should notice instant improvement:

  • Seeing the clearest you’ve ever seen.
  • Have the best depth perception you’ve ever experienced.
  • Start having the best eye-hand coordination you’ve ever had.
  • Instantly enhanced peripheral vision

If not, then we’ll make them right or give you a full refund, plain and simple. We fully stand behind this powerful & life changing tool.

Explore the world in the vividness you deserve.

Stop by our office in Downtown Santa Barbara, in the La Arcada Plaza and request our unique Amblyopia lenses today! Or Call us for more details: 805-899-1240

Please plan for at least 15-30 minutes, for precise additional measurements of your eyes and glasses for these premium lenses.

If you have an expired glasses prescription, click here to set up an appointment with Dr. David N. Zucker, O.D.

(These lenses also an exceptional option for those who have never seen as well in glasses compared to contact lenses.)


From our patients:

  • “My son started to want to play catch, which he never wanted to do before! I even made him wear his old glasses to see if he could tell the difference, and he was complaining all day that he wanted to wear his new glasses…”
  • “My son has been doing so much better in school, especially reading, he’s finally reached his grade level for reading and about to go up one grade level!”
  • ” …the minute I put on my new glasses…you recommended, that my vision was so much clearer and sharper. I was so excited and am wearing them all the time!”
  • “These are the BEST lenses that I’ve ever had, EVER! I’ve been wearing glasses since the seventh grade and I’ve never been able to see as clearly “

Free parking in a nearby city garage, located in La Arcada near the turtle fountain in Downtown Santa Barbara. No appointment needed.